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Hariscope Solutions

"The future is here, lets innovate it!"

Hariscope is a Multi-disciplinary IT firm daring to make a difference, by impacting lives positively through innovation. We are working on projects, and offer consultancy , focusing on providing safety, trust and business value.

Delivering our mandate...

Our Solutions

Our Servuces
Systems Development & Integration

Building solutions that easily integrate to working systems. We can enhance your current system with better capabilities and problem solving.

Blockchain Solutions

We are delivering the blockchain promise right to your fingertips. Leveraging on this marvel technology, we design and implement applications with full reliability, integrity and trust. Introducing the Hariscope Ledger.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The revolution of the internet has led us to device-to-device connectivity. Using state of the art technologies, we implement smart solutions for your home, industry and daily life.

Sustainable Energy

In line with UN Sustainable Development Goals, HC is committed to providing solutions to sustainability problems regarding energy by integrating renewable energy into end-use applications in industry, transport and buildings and ensuring access to reliable, affordable and modern energy.

Research & Development

With our expert team in pursuit of excellence in research and innovation, we are more than happy to share and collaborate on research and development projects in various aspects of Technology solutions.

Support & Consulting

Lets work together in providing you with the best approaches and solutions to achieving your business goals. Thinking of implementing an IT solution for your business? We got you.

Training & Capacity Development

At HC, We believe sharing of knowledge is a goldmine. Lets learn from each other and share knowledge on exciting projects and solutions that will develop our capacity. We accept interns, as well as hold workshops to train on  best approaches to problem solving and innovation.

“Collaborating with Hariscope has been a great success, they proposed ideas that remarkably made our partnership productive. Great minds destined for greatness.”

Ibrahim Magaji
CEO, Digital Green Intercontinental (DGI) London.

Ready to find out more?

We are open for Partnerships and Collaborations. Please feel free to contact us below.
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