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  • Real time information and data sharing across the telecoms industry

  • Synergizing of Subscriber Data using NIN

  • Ability to perform Security Analysis

  • Black and Grey lists of fraudulent subscribers

The platform

Currently Under Beta test, BizLedge is a blockchain solutions for Telecoms Regulator-MNO Data & Information Management


How it Works

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Access (Intranet portal)

Permissioned Access by NCC-MNOs to the blockchain network.

Integrating Single user-on identity

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Operations (NCC/MNO)

Perform operations of data sharing, review and profile customer activities

Track Customer Activity

Profile a subscriber using NIN and perform security analysis of fraud. Add to a pool of black/grey list if subscriber is fraudulent

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Blockchain Smart/Contract

smart contract kicks pre-registered SIM Cards out.

Black listed customers are blocked through all MNOs, in consensus.

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