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The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) is the regulator of the telecommunications industry in Nigeria. We are  collaborating with the NCC on our SIMRegNG project for which they have given much support. Since the presentation of the project to the NCC, it is being considered for implementation subject to agreement by all of the Mobile Network Operators.


DGI is a London based Nigerian Start-up. DGI seeks to bridge the gap between farmers and the International market by providing a platform for local farmers to meet buyers of their Agricultural harvest instantly, thereby gaining direct value for their hard work. We are in partnership with DGI on our BizLedge project by providing digital contracts and tracking of the import/export business transactions.


Raymid Courier Service is a delivery start-up Company based in Abuja Nigeria. To provide our end to end business transaction tracking with the BizLedge App, we are collaborating with Raymid to run the pilot project.

We are also in collaboration with some other key organisations in Nigeria's IT sector, through whom we have presented our solutions and met investors. Among them are;

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Nigerian Network Operators Group

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