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Our Projects


E-Commerce is an important aspect of our lives today. Makes life easy and businesses productive. However, Internet fraudsters and scammers deter our safety and that of our business by using fake offers and dubious transactions to rob us of our money and integrity. How many times have you or your friends ordered something online and received something different? or perhaps transact a business and pay for an item from a twitter or Instagram business page only for them to block you or delete their account? Well, say no more!

BizLedge is a solution that uses Blockchain and Smart Contracts technology to guarantee integrity and trust between you and your business party, you can enter into a digital contract and actual transfer of funds can only happen or be triggered when terms of this "contract" are agreed upon, both parties (buyer and seller) are satisfied, and an agreement is reached. This is aimed at revolutionising entrepreneurship and business by supporting trust and reliability across businesses in Africa.


SIMReg is our pioneer project, welcomed and supported by the Nigerian Telecommunications Commisssion (NCC) and still in progress. Hariscope penetrated the Nigerian telecommunications industry, solving a problem that lingered and caused a hitch to efficient identity management and customer satisfaction with regards to the SIM registration system used in Nigeria. The pre-registered SIM-Card problem which exploits the lack of adequate resolution to identity crisis and allows malicious agents to exploit identity data by adding unauthorised numbers to user profiles. HC's solution provides an easy online access in a secure platform that verifies customers and integrates all the Mobile Network operators (MNOs: MTN, Etisalat, Glo and Airtel). While our pilot, SIMReg version 3.0 is currently being tested, consultations are still on-going on with NCC, NITDA, NIMC and the MNOs, on how this can be utilised to factor in an integration with the National Identity Number (NIN). This is specifically aimed at supporting a reliable system that will help end the menace of human trafficking and kidnappings which the unfortunate loophole in the system permits.


Currently at prototyping stage, we are building a drone surveillance and alert system using Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is aimed at providing real time information and emergency response by tracking vandals and perpetrators of hideous crimes like kidnapping in rural communities.

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